High intensive interval training (HIIT) is one of the most effective training principle today. It combines two of best known training methods in one time-efficient way:


the first ist high-intensity training, that pushes to get a maximum effort to achieve muscle fatigue and to consume maximum oxygen in a quick burst. this is measured to one’s VO2 max, which is the highest amount of oxygen, your body consumes during exercise. Working close to your VO2 max triggers the afterburn effect, where the body continues to consume more oxygen up to 48 hours after the workout.


the second is interval training, which alternates periods of intensive effort with periodes of short breaks / low-intensity effort. This boost metabolism significantly longer than a steady workout of equal or greater length.

How can I use the timer?


start and stop the timer, simple click on the middle of the screen.


to change the settings, there is a set of five buttons on the bottom of the while, that where displayed during pausing/stopping.




choose between three different sound profiles:

- voice

- beep set one

- beep set two




choose betweend four different colors:

- yellow

- red

- blue

- green




this stops the interval and resets the timer to zero




choose between three different visualizations:

- circle 1

- circle 2

- bar graph





chooose betweend 6 different interval profiles:

- Tabata Interval: 4-Minute timer with 8 x 20 seconds workouts and 10 seconds breaks - lasts 03:50

- Ascending Interval: Ascending interval starting with 20 seconds in four rounds up to 60 seconds - lasts 04:00

- Descending Interval: Descending interval starting with 60 seconds down to 20 seconds/10 sec. breaks - last 04:00

- Push-Pause Training: 30-10-10 seconds interval - with short breaks. - 06:10

- Superset Interval: A huge interval that lasts 2 minutes training phases, short breaks - 09:30

- Gladiator Metabolic: Metabolic training on its highest level: 90 seconds workout, 45 seconds breaks - lasts 10:30

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